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27 December 2009 @ 07:29 pm

I'm really tired alreadddddyy. I can't come up with a nice idea anymore. T.T. (Let's do the T.T. dance together..ne?).

So. Me and my friend came up with a GRAPHIC SHOP. Anything you want bla bla bla~~~

So. I don't know any concept that will fit our senses yet. But if ever. I'll update for more. We;re planning to have it at Livejournal or at SJ-world.net at the same time. soo ..hhmm? whatcha think..?
07 November 2009 @ 09:39 pm
Just a short update.

just wanna congratulate the boys for their 4TH ANNIVERSARY! WOOHHOOO!



happy first year to me for being an ELF! :))
23 October 2009 @ 12:36 pm
So I was like spazzing all over the net. Cuz I was bored wacha gonna do? So. I decided to post things about suju. Their look alikes. I knoe this is gonna fail. So. Sorry. keke~~


Xiao Yu of Lollipop:

-I'm not that good at differentiating things but I think the common thing between them is their eyes and lips? They have this cat-LY eyes. The upper half of their lip's REAAALLLY thin and the one below is really kissable. :D.Wacha think?

Xiao Yu is a member of the six-membered taiwanese group "Lollipop" which debuted at around 2006.


Lee Chihoon:

-What can I say more?! They really really look alike. Gosh.

Lee ChiHoon is an Ulzzang. Yes he is, quite obvious as we see. He rosed to fame because he resembled Heechul a lot. Want to know more about him? This is a group in crunchyroll about him. www.crunchyroll.com/group/LEE_CHI_HOON


Unknown girl:

credits to: ★_miracle09@sj-world.net

-I just saw this thread on Sj-World.net and was curious and guess what? They look like twins. I can't differentiate.


Lee Jun Ki:

- Don't bash me on this, But I think they look alike due to their chinky eyes and strawberry head. :D. Which I personally think is very cute. :D

If you know Suju and other kpop stars, it's really a question if you wouldn't recognize Lee Jun Ki. He's a Korean Wave Star and If I remembered correctly, he starred in "My Girl" .?


Lee Hongki:

-hhmm. What about them? Maybe it's on the nose part? Yeah. I guess that's it? They really look alike especially when Kangin was thinner. yeah yeah.

Lee Hongki is the vocalist of F.T. Island . He is also a good friend of Heenim.(He's Heenim's catchphrase..Hongki's good to me..becaue hongki is..hongki's really... -Really Heenim. haha. :D )



-Just look at those lips!

-G-Dragon is the leader of Big Bang but then later preceeded with his solo career in which "Heartbreaker" became a big hit.



-When I first saw Eunhyuk I was like.."What's this cat doing here?" He really has the feature of a cat. Especially his eyes, which Tablo contains too. pprrr..

Tablo is the leader of the korean hip-hop group, Epik High.

Donghae and Amber:

-KNow what? I had this Amber doze for over a week and I think I'm gonna stop. What makes Amber look like a guy is because of her jawline, exactly the same with Donghae's!

-Amber is a member of the new girl group under SM Entertainment "f(x)" , before debut, she was known as a Donghae-Jonghyun-Kibum look a-like with his boyish charms.

Donghae and Kim Jeong Hoon:

-Why do they have the same smile?! eeeeeeeeekkkkkkkk-------------

-Like Lee Jun Ki, Kim Jeong Hoon is also a Korean wave star and was known through "Princess Hours."

Donghae and Kingone Wang:

-I dunnoe why. But before I knew SJ, I was a fan of his show, "Why Why Love". Then, I discovered SJ and noticed Donghae looked like him. Am I wrong? Kingone is like..like..a mature version of Donghae.

-Kingone wang is a Taiwanese actor.



-They both have the same shape of face, chin and even their pointy nose. They're like brothers right?

-Kangta is one of SJ's Seniors. He was once a member of the korean boy group, H.O.T.


Hero Jaejoong:

-Waah. Both are cuties. xD. Look at their features. Their cheekbones are really visible right? Also the heart shape face fits. :P.

-Hero Jaejoong is a member of the Korean wave boy group DBSK.

Kibum and Lee Dong Wook:

-Nothing to say but.. HEY! THEY'RE CUZINS!

-Lee Dong Wook is a Korean actor. (aside from being cuzins from Kibum he has an occupation too!)

Lee Jun Ki:

-At some angles, they are similar right. Check out the nose. Similar?


Jeong Ui Cheol:

-Both has the same oval faced shape and dart the nose ! The Nose!

-Jeong Ui Cheol is a Korean actor . I was interested on him when he guested in BOF. XD

That's all. Sorry for the obscure descriptions.I'm not that good with describing or whatever and BASH me for not including Shindong there, it's just, it's so hard to find a look-alike. Don't get me wrong, but I really tried. xD.

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03 October 2009 @ 10:51 am
Super Junior: “When Heenim is Gone”

Hello! This is my first time to write a fic,. EPIC FAIL * haha. I knoe this would be one. But, I’’m still hoping to receive a lil’ love? *sniff* Please do comment. Comment. Comment. It’s my life. :P.

-All the Characters aren’t owned by me nor is connected with me in Any ways. I’m just an ordinary ELF with a great love for the boys. Let’s continue to support them! –

Scence : (Full House) When Heechul was singing wildly while the others check the other rooms and the closet.

“Yah! So-noisy!” A Chinese man shouted ,irritated.

“lalalallaa…yaah..” The other guy just kept on singing on top of his lungs until.

. “ yaaaaaahhhhh…*crack*” ..There was silence.
They were shocked to hear that. All of them ran to their Heechul hyung knowing to find out what happened. They were all scared , they thought their heechul hyung has cracked a bone in singing or what. Being the leader, Leeteuk opened the door and shouted.

“Yah! Heechul , are you alr--?” Before he could finish his sentence, he saw the latter talking to himself,

“aiishh..I knew I should have practiced that song for a day, or maybe half a day? Aigo. I was very bad at singing, very embarrassing..aiishh.. Stupid voice. “ with that, Heechul pulled out a mirror (where? You know Heechul.) and looking at himself in the mirror, he spoke ,

“AH. It’s not the voice that matters here, it’s me and my face. Aish. I’m thankful to my parents. Omma , appa, SARANGHAE!” .

The rest of them dropped their jaws, How can Heechul be so..WEIRD? . Aish. Here comes the silence again. Then finally, Hankyung spoke ,

“Heechul, are you C-RA-DY? Stand A-P , you like a CH-ILD.” . Heechul turned his head and stood up

, “aiish. Everyone treats me like nothing today..”

I know like, it’s so short, but I’ll update as soon as possible, sorry for every little mistake and for the bad English. .


23 September 2009 @ 03:43 pm
Annyeong and Mianhe . Soree for the late updates, maybe I was too busy? anyweix. this will be just a short update since I'm sick.

There's something swelling near my hips, I dunnoe what it is, but it is the cause why I can;t walk properly. arg. And also, it caused me fever. And, unfortunately, I had a cough, resulting to= BED. arg. I've been planning to not attend classes this coming saturday, but, a day would be a waste, I really must have my surgery soon. why not? Hospitals are close due to the holidays but don't worry, I've been taking antibacterial medicines (actually there's 2 of them) . I think the pus's going to come out anytime. CAUTION.
19 September 2009 @ 12:41 pm
yyeey! We're having our vacation, (for the EID season, that is. ). But. I don't really consider it as one. :D.


1.) An AP project that I can't fully describe as it is,a pain.
2.) An English project that tingles your imagination.
3.) A test in Aikido which I need to pass. I really want to be a yellow belter, i want it so badly. T.T
4.) 3 Birthday attendances in a week.
5.) Shopping for furnitures.
6.) A scheduled Surgery this week. (Pray for me. )

OK. So that;s 6 tasks, lemme guess, you're thinking it's a pain too right? anyweix. Gotta Go and finish all of these tasks. :P
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14 September 2009 @ 04:48 pm
wahaha. FRIENDS, CLASSMATES, if you don't want to die early, please stop irritating me ok? Because you don't want me to appear in your dreams a.k.a nightmares .er. huh? So, If I were wise, I wouldn't dare say that CENSORED word. *smiles evily* because, you never know what stupid things I can do. E.G. I'll make your day the worst. ok? Thank you for your cooperation.

I'm really not irritated right now. I swear. quite not obvious.
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10 September 2009 @ 08:56 am
Yeey. Tests just ended. I'm free once again. But, I dunnoe, I'm like a Bird that was in it's cage for a thousand years, I dunnoe what I should do first. I'm planning to change my Layout once again, since I'm not satisfied with it, problem is, I'm lacking of references. Oh well, a patient surfer gets everything tho. So, gonna be patient. amph. :P. I'll be ending it here .Gonna post some Cyworld entries later. so check it out. :D
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01 September 2009 @ 04:46 pm
Ok. So today's main highlight was Allyza's Birthday. (Saengil Chukha Hamnida!) So, as stated below, or on my previous entry, the plan went well and Yes, we tricked her . She was so flustered when we started our little show, and she even said to one of our accomplices, "I don't want to go near Elaine, she's has the scary aura around her. " wahahha. Proves how great I am in acting , ayt? :)). Lunch time was great, we ate the cake, like PGs . (Patay-gutom) . nniiie. We gave her our "paunang regalo" , cards. We saw how much she appreciated it, she gave us her thanks an appreciation. :D. But what made her birthdaya memorable one? Her crush, (well sorta.) , kuya ****, greeted her personally and repeated the magic words "I love you..", though it wasn't serious tho, she was very happy , it was scattered all over her face. :D. When I thought the celebration was over, witty Lyra made a move, making my day sortaaa..uuuhhhh..well. Let's say MEMORABLE. and EMBARASSING. :P. She obviously knows how I like kuya ****, (well, though it's not that serious. like . ah. ADMIRATION?) ,she called one of her sunbae's (the SENIORS), and told him if he could introduce the four of us to kuya **** (well, me , lyra, jessa and debbie). aawwh. I really didn't know what to do. I was so desperate that I dealt them that I could be their slave for a week , but, to no avail. aaah. I was getting crazy back then. Kuya **** (the sunbae), pulled kuya **** over to introduce us to him . I didn't really know what to do, I just covered my face with my handkerchief pretending , to my outmoust extent, to act normal, but I can't. It was just too embarassing! nnnoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. After that, I just went crazy all over screaamminng. no way. I really need to take rest from this stuffs. I called ate jhem so that we could go home as quickly as we can. shame on me. She was teasing me how stupid I looked back then, aaah. Then, she told me that kuya **** (the sunbaenim) told everyone that he just discovered kuya ****'s new admirer. as to who? THAT WAS ME. :(
31 August 2009 @ 05:34 pm
Yesh. updates updates. about me , that is. :)) Hahaha. anyweix. Here it is.

This day,well, there was nothing signifant that happened. Well, maybe we had a hard time fiding out what to do with Allyza around. (Oh yeah, she was absent yesterday due to her allergies, thankies to the allergies, we made a plan. :D) As stated, we made a plan. A plan for her birthday, but unlike any other surprises and such. Let's call this a . PRANK. :D. I know righT?! It's stupid to say this but, I think our acting skills will be tested. Here's the plan. Early in the morning, I , debbie, aura, jessa and lyra will be waiting for allyza , acting as PROs, we'll be talking about such things which aren't that trival, then, aura raises my skirt making me mad. (OH, BTW, don't you know that I hate that so much?! Well, my friends know me so they don't really do that, unless they want a fight or sumthing...) Then, for that action, I get mad all over and shout at aura's wrongdoing, and then walk away. (with drama effects.. :)) ) . Then, debbie here, pretends to play with her cellphone, but truth is, she's capturing allyza's reaction about the incident. :)) Hoooow evil are we? Then, aura and I fight and don't speak with each other. During recess, we won't be together. Jessa , allyza and I goes to the CR to distract her, but the truth is, while we're together in the CR, Lyra and the others hide the cake and gives us a miss call when they're done with their business hiding it. then, allyza goes psycho ,." where's my cakke?!" , "Who got it?!"..and bla bla bla. We'll deny the fact that we hid it uuussing our acting abilities, we'll hold back our laughter though seeing allyza's bewildered face. :)). Then, wen lunch comes, aura, lyRA and jessa would go down first preparing everything while debbie and I would accompany allyza to her locker. And then! Surprise! :)).

How was it? Is it that good? :D.
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